Anna Sáez de Tejada Cuenca

I live in Barcelona with Jedidjah, Spinoza, and Tubman. I play viola and violin, and a little bit of mandolin and ukulele. Apart from playing music, my main hobbies are going to see live music, reading, and riding my bicycle. Below are some music projects in which I have participated:

Eya and Brigid's Circle (St. Brigid 2020).

Let Freedom Ring! choir (MLK day 2020).

Señorita by Femi, NPR Tiny Desk Contest (2018).

Kein Bruit Brut by Xavier Bonfill (2013).

Folk dances by La Banda d'en Vinaixa (2010).

Sung poetry by Narcís Perich (2009).

Greenhouse by Appledog (2009).

A cover of Sigur Rós by Appledog (2008).

UPC's orchestra and choir (2008).

UPC Math and Stats choir (2006).